ISLAMABAD, Dec 31 (APP): Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration Director General Syeda Shafaq Hashmi Thursday announced launch of bookmobiles next month to promote reading culture by providing literary, historical and other types of content to the residents at their door-step.

She made the announcement at an event, organized by the ICT admin’s Department of Libraries and Bykea at G-11 public library under “ISLAMABAD READS” campaign, launched by the Chief Commissioner Office recently to revive the book-reading culture, which has been vanished due to availability of content in electronic form.

The DG said Chief Commissioner, Islamabad Amer Ali Ahmad was very keen to promote book reading amongst citizens of the capital that was why he had directed to launch mobile libraries to make books available to all desirous citizens of the capital. Initially, two libraries on wheel would be launched by the end of January.

Shafaq said the department of libraries was rehabilitating all public libraries, located in various sectors including G-7, G-8, G-11, F-11, I-8 and I-10. All the data of libraries had been digitally cataloged to help public check availability of books at various libraries on subjects of their interest, she added.

She said the department was collaborating with community members in various sectors to establish small libraries across the city, starting from next week.

She also announced the Islamabad Reads- Creative Talent Contest-2021 including Articles/ Essays, Sketching / painting and Poems categories. Citizens of various age groups could participate in the competition.

“What can be a better way to enter the New Year than picking up a good book, exercising your brain and feeding your inquisitiveness,” the DG remarked while underscoring the importance of book-reading.