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ISLAMABAD, Dec 14 (APP):Member National Assembly (MNA)Tahira Aurengzeb Thursday stressed the need for having awareness campaigns for male in order to educate them for the rights of women in society.
Talking to APP, Tahira pointed that education plays a vital role in the success of any society and said if a man won’t allow women to educate themselves then how she will survive in the skilled society.
“A rural woman can’t even read the Holy Quran properly due to less knowledge,” she said.
She said several NGO’s were fighting to stop violence against women for their betterment in society.
Speaking about the government’s efforts in empowering women, she said a number of bills have been passed by federal and provincial governments against domestic violence and to educate women in Pakistan.
Tahira said government was determined to protect and implement bills and to ensure provision of due rights to women.
“The government has issued health card to two to three million women in Pakistan,” she said.
She said woman is the most important pillar of the society as she is mother, daughter and a wife.
She urged the women of Pakistan to join hands to curb violence against them and ensure provision of all basic rights including healthcare, education, employment, shelter and food to women in the country.
“Strong legal framework is needed to protect women from violence,” she said and added that skill-based education and entrepreneurship must be encouraged to promote women’s economic empowerment in the country.