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ISLAMABAD, Dec 6 (APP):Federal Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari has written a letter to all four provincial chief ministers seeking their cooperation and assistance in recovery of electricity bills and against power theft for bringing more and more areas under the zero load-shedding.
The minister, in his letter, also proposed establishment of a joint task force by the federal and provincial governments for development of uniform measures, information sharing and improved coordination.
He also suggested the provincial government to nominate officials to lead the efforts in that regard on their behalf.
Sardar Awais Leghari also expressed his readiness to meet the chief ministers at any time at their convenience for discussing the modalities for the cooperation.
The minister said the support by the provincial governments in the improved revenue collection, and provision of security and policing would go a long way in improving the standards of living of the people of Pakistan. “Together our endeavours are bound to bear fruits,” he added.
While recognizing the support and assistance of the provincial governments, he said the federal government had been able to bring Pakistan out of an energy crisis on account of sufficient electricity being added to the national grid.
Awais Leghari, in his letter, also highlighted the hurdles and challenges that the power sector faced in achieving the logical ends.
He pointed out that the power theft was posing serious threat to the revenue collection and disturbing the liquidity of the sector which was must for its smooth running.
He also highlighted that any revenue loss due to the power theft was bound to burden the complaints and paying consumers with higher electricity prices, which in turn hampered the quality of life of the domestic consumers, besides burdening the national exchequer.
The minister while underscoring the important role of the provincial governments, wrote that the collective efforts were needed in furthering the national good.
He also mentioned in his letter the support by the provincial governments to the federal government in introduction of amendments in the legislative framework.

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