SIALKOT, July 22 (APP): Federal Minister for Defence, and Water
and Power Khawaja Muhammad Asif on Saturday called for ruthless
accountability of PTI Chief Imran Khan like that of Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif and his family.
Addressing a largely attended press conference at his
residence, Sialkot Cantt, he said it was the turn of Imran
Khan to face ruthless accountability and he would have to give
money trail of his three generations.
Khawaja Muhammad Asif said PML-N would not let Imran Khan
escape from accountability, saying Imran Khan should follow
the tradition of accountability set by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
He said the process of accounability should be same for
all including Imran Khan, adding PML-N had made this
political demand that there should be an urgent and ruthless
accountability of PTI chairman Imran Khan and his three generations
to meet the growing political demands of prevailing political
He asked Imran Khan to bring complete record, official
record of his wealth and his three generations and present the
complete money trail as well.
Khawaja Asif dubbed Imran Khan as ‘Double Shah’, alleging
that Imran Khan plundered Zakat and Sadqa donations of Shaukat
He said Imran Khan should also tell the nation that
from which money he bought his flat in London, besides telling
that how PTI was getting foreign funding.
If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could give complete details of
the businesses and wealth of his three generations then why Imran
Khan not, he added.
Imran Khan should also give answers of the questions about
his wealth and assets and his father as well.
He also raised another point that the matter should also be
checked out thoroughly that who was funding Imran Khan or from
where he had been getting funds.
He asked Imran Khan to stop doing his politics under the
cover of his charity hospital Shaukat Khanum Hospital and as well.
He said Nawaz Sharif’s name was not mentioned in Panama Papers.
The defence minister said PML-N had full respect for the
Supreme Court and expressed complete confidence on it, saying that
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family would succeed.
He said the PML-N was completely united under the dynamic
leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

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