Archbishop of Canterbury meets Sartaj Aziz

ISLAMABAD, Nov 19 (APP): Archbishop of Canterbury Rt. Hon.
Justin Welby Saturday met Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign
Affairs Sartaj Aziz wherein he was briefed on the role of minorities
in Pakistan’s development and steps by the government for their
Welcoming the Archbishop, the Adviser highlighted the
important role, being played by Pakistan’s Christian community
in country’s development.
He presented an overview of the historical context, shaping
current developments in the region, including Pakistan.
He explained the important progress, achieved in Pakistan in
strengthening of democratic institutions, in launching an effective
counter-terrorism campaign and reviving the economy.
Sartaj Aziz briefed the Archbishop on the measures taken by
the government for ensuring the welfare and security of the
religious minorities.
He stated that the number of reserved seats for minorities in
the parliament and the provincial assemblies had been increased as
well as allocation of five per cent quota in public appointments.
He also noted with satisfaction that minorities, especially
the Christian community, had made significant contributions to the
development activities in Pakistan.
Both sides exchanged views on the causes of religiously
motivated violence around the world and stressed on the important
role of religious leaders in creating interfaith harmony.
The Archbishop acknowledged the sacrifices rendered by
Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.
He also applauded the steps taken by the Government of
Pakistan for protecting the rights of minorities and called
for greater interfaith dialogue to achieve the goals of peace
and development for all.