APPAC delegation meets Senator Abdul Qadir

Abdul Qadir

ISLAMABAD, Nov 6 (APP): A delegation of the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) on Monday met Senator Mohammad Abdul Qadir here at the Parliament House.

Deputy Speaker of the New York State Philips Ramos, who led the delegation, provided an overview of the APPAC’s role and purpose of their visit.

He emphasized that the APPAC aimed to enhance economic relations between the United States and Pakistan, particularly in education and healthcare.

Ramos highlighted the economic potential of Pakistan and stressed that bilateral cooperation would be mutually beneficial, considering the expertise of APPAC members in various fields.

Chairman of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Petroleum Mohammad Abdul Qadir commended the APPAC’s vision and acknowledged the significant market capacity of the US.

He expressed Pakistan’s strong interest in collaborating across major sectors, believing that the visit would further strengthen the already robust bilateral cooperation between the US and Pakistan.

Senators Bahramand Khan Tangi, Gurdeep Singh, and Danesh Kumar also recognized the APPAC’s forward-thinking approach and shared their commitment to bolstering bilateral ties with the United States in key sectors

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