APP MD visits Abdul Sattar Edhi's residence, offers condolence

KARACHI, July 18 (APP): Abdul Sattar Edhi was a real asset of Pakistan and the country was deprived of a great service giver to humanity, said Managing Director of Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) Masood Malik on Monday.

Masood Malik went to the residence of late renowned
social worker in Kharadar here and condoled with his
son Faisal Edhi.

He said the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi was an irreparable loss for the Pakistani nation.

Those who work in the field of social services would feel
proud to follow the footsteps of Edhi, he added.

The APP MD said the vacuum left by Abdul Sattar Edhi would
not be filled for a long time.

“Edhi was a benefactor of needy people and the biggest ray of hope for Pakistanis in their hours of grief. Nobody else can achieve the status for Pakistan, which was obtained due to social and welfare work of Edhi at the national and international level.”

Masood Malik said Abdul Sattar Edhi took upon himself the
responsibility to serve the people of Pakistan without any

Edhi was a simple person who loved the poor and took care of helpless and penniless people, he said adding that his life story should be made a part of national curriculum, so that the new generations could be made aware of the bright aspects of his life.

Edhi overcame all difficulties and courageously faced
difficult situations and raised an exemplary world class welfare institution, he said.

Masood Malik assured Faisal Edhi that APP would extend all out cooperation to Edhi Foundation for carrying forward the mission of Abdul Sattar Edhi. He said APP staff would donate a one day salary to the Edhi Foundation.

He also told Faisal Edhi that APP would arrange a programme in Islamabad in memory of his father and requested him to attend it.