Apex Court verdict creates perplexity between party chief, parliamentary leader powers: Sherry Rehman

ISLAMABAD, Jul 27 (APP): Federal Minister for Climate Change and Vice President Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Sherry Rehman on Wednesday said the Apex Court’s decision has created confusion rather than clarity in the powers of the party chief and parliamentary leader.

The minister took to the Twitter to share her thoughts on the Supreme Court verdict on the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly’s ruling for elections of the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Sherry wrote, “Political parties have limited representation in the Parliament. The court has given the powers of the party chief to the parliamentary leader and made the party chief subordinate to the parliamentary leader.”

She queried how could a party have a separate head in the country and a separate head in the parliament. The minister elaborated that the coalition parties were demanding a full bench of the Apex Court to clear this ambiguity.

“Judiciary is respected but people are raising questions due to two separate verdicts in one case. The growing perception of bias towards the judiciary is worrying,” Sherry Rehman said.