ISLAMABAD June 23 (APP): Deceased Amjad Sabri had no specific life
threat but he was under threat like some other popular persons
in the country, said his brother Sarwat Sabri in a private news channel.

“I do not think, he had any specific threat to his life. He used to share with me almost all matters but in this regard he had not expressed any apprehension. He used to roam around freely,” Sarwat said.

When asked about any threat by any political party, he said, he
did not share any such thing with him. Had there been any threat
by any party he would have talked to me.

Answering a question about his demand to the Army Chief about justice, he said, “I have appealed to him because I think he is the man of moment.”

He said for the last many days he was listening that security was high alert but Amjad was killed just a kilometer away from his home just on the second day of kidnapping of son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court.

He thanked federal ministers Ishaq Dar and Chaudhry Nisar Ali
Khan for their condolence and interest shown in nabbing culprits.

“What I want to say is that the federal and provincial governments should realize their duties to secure lives and properties of the people.”

When asked about TTP’s accepting responsibility of killing Amjad, he said, he had read in a newspaper. “But, it does not matter as such killers are paid killers and what we need is to eliminate the thinking that urge people to go for such crimes.”

He stated that even arrest of Amjad’s killers would solve the problem until this mindset is not rooted out.