All resources being mobilized to control second wave of COVID-19:Health Minister
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LAHORE, Dec 16 (APP): Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid on Wednesday said that all resources were being mobilized to control the second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

She said this on the occasion of announcement of formally taken over of the Disease Surveillance and Response Units by the Health department in all 36 districts of the province, set up with the support of federal government and the USAID.

She said, “I am extremely grateful to the federal government and the USAID on setting up of these units in all 36 districts of the province.”

She said the Disease Surveillance and Response Units would be extremely helpful in battling the second wave of the corona pandemic, adding that these units would be pivotal for precise data collection from all districts.

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The minister said the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) would be responsible for the monitoring of the centres.

“These units will provide necessary support to implement the Integrated Program for Communicable Disease Control,” she added.

She said that as many as 493 health managers of the Rapid Response teams had been imparted training on COVID-19 so far.

She said that capacity of the command and control centre to monitor the corona pandemic would be enhanced with USAID support.

“More trainings will be provided to our professionals on infection prevention and control,” she added.

The minister said the trainings of the District Health Authority staff would be conducted soon.

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She said the morale of the health professionals was high in the wake of the pandemic. She urged the citizens to adopt precautionary measures to control the pandemic.

She emphasized that the people must avoid large public gatherings.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr Faisal Sultan, Julie from USAID, Health Ministers of all provinces, officials of the P&SHD and key stakeholders were present.

The special assistant to prime minister and the USAID representative elaborated the utility of the Disease, Surveillance and Response Units in the meeting.