AJK observes Youm-e-Ashur with religious reverence, solemnity

AJK observes Youm-e-Ashur with religious reverence, solemnity

MIRPUR (AJK) , Aug 09 (APP): Youm-e-Ashur was observed in Azad Jammu Kashmir on Tuesday with due reverence and solemnity to commemorate the supreme sacrifices of the lives of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) and his companions for upholding the sanctity of Islam, righteousness and truth.

Complete sectarian harmony and brotherhood prevailed across AJK on Youm-e-Ashur, and not a single untoward incident was reported in any part of the liberated territory, thanks to foolproof security and other arrangements made by law enforcement agencies and district administrations.

‘Tazia’, ‘Alam’ and ‘Zuljanah’ processions were taken out from central Imam Bargahs in all major cities and towns across AJK, including Muzaffarabad, Mirpur, Kotli, Bagh, Bhimber, Sudhanoti, Haveili, Rawalakot, Hattiyan, and Neelam Valley districts which culminated at their stipulated religious sites after passing through their traditional routes.

On the occasion, religious scholars called upon the Muslim Ummah to foster unity in their ranks to fight against inimical forces of Islam.

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