KARACHI, Sep. 12 (APP): Federal Interior Minister, Ahsan Iqbal
here on Tuesday inaugurated NADRA’s third mega-center in the
metropolis with a capacity of 26 counters, including three for senior
citizens and people with disabilities.
The newly opened facility in the Sindh Industrial and Trading
Estate (SITE), near Siemens round-about is expected to meet needs of
sizable number of population, comprising labour and working class
Interior Minister on the occasion said the mega center was part
of government efforts to facilitate bonafide citizens of the country.
The center, he said was established to help residents in need to
procure or get renewed their NICs and other essential documents.
Interior Minister said NADRA mega centers were crucially needed
in the fast expanding city with equal attention that every citizen is
necessarily registered.
Responding to queries raised by media, he said PML-N government
has been able to restore peace in the country and during past four
years marked improvement has been registered in the national image on
global level.