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ISLAMABAD, Dec 17 (APP):Minister for Interior and Planning and Development Professor Ahsan Iqbal addressed the Annual session of Executive council of Federation of Institutions of Engineers of Islamic countries on Sunday in Medina , Saudi Arabia.
During his address, the minister said no country can make progress without having self-sufficiency in the field of Science and Technology, says a press release received here.
He stated that Fourth Industrial Revolution has jolted the world of technology. Digital revolution has introduced new advancements in industrial production.
Muslims have lost their glory as they distanced themselves from learning new scientific knowledge, he added. He noted that The Holy Quran teaches us to observe and extract knowledge from the phenomena of universe and apply this knowledge for the betterment of humanity.
He also observed that Muslim scientists and engineers were the role model for the Europe. They got distinctions in the field of science and technology by reflecting and deliberating the phenomena of universe.
However, we have lost these art of reflections and deliberations while Europe and America emulated us and learnt from our knowledge and made enormous strides in science and technology; he added.
He further added that we should strive to revive the constructive thought in our youth in order to win the war of inventions. The curricula of engineering universities should cater the modern challenges of the world.
Recalling the contributions of Muslims in the field of Science and Technology, the interior minister also stressed that universities in the Islamic world should produce Avicenna ,Ibn –i- Haitham and ibn-i- Khaldun in order to revive the lost glory of Muslim World in Science and Technology.

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