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ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (APP):Minister for Interior, Prof Ahsan Iqbal Tuesday emphasized peace and stability were linked with progress, saying the nation must work together to eliminate hate narrative from Pakistan.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony of a Police Facilitation Center here, he said, “We must work together to bring Pakistan on path of progress. Poverty must be eliminated on an immediate basis and we have to become a strong economy. We must follow Quaid-e-Azam’s vision, who wanted people of all religions to reside peacefully in country. We have to learn to live in harmony.”
He said, “Our churches are being attacked, our imambargahs are being attacked, our mosques are being attacked, our temples are being attacked. We have to fight enemies of humanity.”
Ahsan Iqbal remarked that there were certain people who were hampering country’s progress by spreading narrative of hate and staging protests, adding, “I just want to tell these people to wait for another six months.”
He said after elections “you will get your turn. Stop hampering country’s progress by staging protests.”
He said countries across the world were pacing towards progress and what were we doing? “We are staging protests,” he added.
“We must learn from China’s economic vision,” he remarked, saying that it had become necessary for Pakistan to follow China’s economic vision.
“We have to learn from China, how China with its political stability, social solidarity and harmony, and how China with pursuit of its economic policies and vision has become a success story in the world,” Ahsan Iqbal said.
Inspector General of Police (IGP), Sultan Azam Taimuri said Islamabad Police was establishing two police facilitation centers and one of them in Sector F-6 had been inaugurated.
He said there were plans to launch more facilitation centers to address grievances of the people.
He said the center would provide different types of facilities under one roof.