Ahsan for conducting inquiry on violation of civil administration’s orders

APP01-02 ISLAMABAD: October 02 – Federal Minister for Interior and Planning Ahsan Iqbal talking to media personnel. APP photo by Saeed-ul-Mulk

ISLAMABAD Oct 02 (APP): Minister for Interior Chaudhry Ahsan Iqbal on
Monday expressed displeasure on Rangers taking over security of the judicial compound at its own and without instructions by the civil administration. “Rangers perform under Ministry of Interior and according to law, Rangers had to abide by the civil administration’s orders wherever deployed. Under this mechanism, the Rangers were bound to obey the orders of the Chief Commissioner. But, they unilaterally acted that is violation of the code and would be inquired about,” he said talking to media at the judicial complex.
He said a high level inquiry will be conducted to unearth that as to who
had challenged the writ of the government. “This is unacceptable. Whoever acted in violation of the law, he will face disciplinary action.”
“This principle is not fair. The institutions will have to work within
the ambit of law. I cannot keep oblivious to this violation. There would be one law and one government in the country. We cannot have a state within state,” he added. Ahsan Iqbal who was also stopped to enter the judicial complex said, “I cannot be a puppet Interior Minister. Pakistan is not a Banana Republic but a Constitutional Republic. I shall sort them out and if could not, then I shall resign as Interior Minister.”
Giving details of the security arrangements, the Interior Minister said, Nawaz Sharif had bowed to every call of courts and justice to ensure supremacy of the law and provision of justice.
He informed media persons who were also barred to enter the court’S
jurisdiction that Chief Commissioner Islamabad was ordered to made security arrangements and lists of media and other functionaries were finalized to witness the court proceedings. “It was the basic right of media, lawyers and other citizens to witness proceedings. There is democracy in the country, not dictatorship. Trials are held closed door during dictatorship while in a democratic system courts hold open trials.”
Ahsan Iqbal said, due to limited space in the court room, names of media
persons and some aids of Nawaz Sharif were finalized in consultation with district administration. But, all of a sudden, in the morning, Rangers appeared and took over security of the compound. When they were informed about an arrangement by the Chief Commissioner, they refused to abide by.
“This is an unfortunate situation that a department working under the
Interior Ministry is acting at its own. I am the Interior Minister and it is unacceptable that the force working under me is taking orders from somewhere else. This matter would be inquired into,” he stated.