Afghan bigwigs evolve consensus to give peace a chance

BHURBAN Jun 22 (APP):Various political and politico-religious stalwarts from Afghanistan acknowledging the prevalence of peace mandatory for ultimate survival on Saturday pledged to give peace a chance in their war-torn country.

Speaking at a conference “Peace in Afghanistan”, held under the aegis of Lahore Center for Peace and Research (LCPR), former Afghan premier and chief of Hizbe Islami Gulbadin Hikmatyar, Ahmed Wali, brother of late leader of Northren Alliance Ahmed Shah Mehsud, Hizbe Islami leader Wahid Ullah Sabhun, Hanif Atmar, leader of Hizbe Wahdat Mardam Afghanistan Ustad Muhmmad Muhaqiq, former Afghan Governor and Secretary General of Jamat Islami Ustad Atta Muhammad Noor, Chief of Afghan Jirga Muhammad Karim Khalili, Allama Saeed Hashmi, Madam Fauzia Kufi, and leader of Jumbish-e-Islami Maulvi Nabi Ayubi were of the opinion that reconciliation was the only option to come over the feuds.

Rejecting the scourge of terrorism, Gulbadin Hikmatyar said,”We want peace at all costs in Afghanistan.” However, he said various factions in the political arena of the country had a number of feuds, which had been putting hurdle in the way to achieve lasting peace.

Highlighting the importance of unity, he said all the differences could be overcome through forging unity among the ranks.