FAISALABAD, Nov 23 (APP): Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan said here on Monday that accused involved in committing blasphemy in Jehlum had been arrested.
Hence, there is no need to exploit this incident which is purely an act of an individual.
Talking to the media, he said that immediately after the incident in Jehlum, the police and the administration took prompt action while Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif had also taken notice of the incident.
The police arrested the culprit involved in committing blasphemy
act, however, it is very unfortunate that some forces are exploiting
the situation for their vested interests and trying to create law and
order situation, he added.
He said the government was committed to wipe out sectarianism and
terrorism in the country and media should also play a positive role
to discourage the elements trying to play up the petty issues for
their vested interests.
He said that it was the duty of every individual as well as collective
responsibility of the civil society and political parties to come forward to support the government agenda and to make Pakistan prosperous.