MIRPUR (AJK), July 20 (APP): A total of 423 candidates are in the run to contest elections, on direct adult franchise basis, on all 41 seats of the 49-seat AJK Legislative Assembly being held on July 21 Thursday (today), it was officially declared by the AJK EC.

AJK Election Commission has declared this while releasing the list of validly nominated candidates, belonging to various political parties as well as independent candidates for the Election -2016 – polling to which is being held on Thursday (today).

Following the constituency-wise breakup of the candidates
contesting the polls:- Constituency LA-I (Mirpur -I) 15 candidates, LA-II (Mirpur – II) 16 candidates, LA-III (Mirpur – III) 07 candidates, LA-IV (Mirpur – IV) 10 candidates, LA-V ( Bhimber-I) 13 candidates, LA-VI ( Bhimber-II) 17 candidates, LA-VII ( Bhimber-III) 15 candidates, LA-VIII ( Kotli-I) 09 candidates, LA-IX ( Kotli- II) 06 candidates, LA-X ( Kotli-III) 06 candidates, LA-XI ( Kotli-IV) 14 candidates, LA-XII ( Kotli- V) 12 candidates, LA-XIII (Bagh – I) 11 candidates, LA-XIV (Bagh – II) 08 candidates, LA-XV (Mirpur -III) 06 candidates, LA-XVI (Bagh/Haveli -IV) 08 candidates, LA-XVI
(Bagh/Haveli -IV) 8 candidates, LA-XVII (Sudhanoti and Poonch -I) 14 candidates, LA-XVIII (Sudhanoti and Poonch -II) 10 candidates, LA-XIX (Sudhanoti and Poonch -II) 14 candidates, LA-XX (Sudhanoti and Poonch -III) 13 candidates, LA-XXI (Sudhanoti and Poonch -V)
16 candidates LA-XXII (Sudhanoti and Poonch -VI) 09 candidates, LA- XXIII (Neelam Valley -I) 08 candidates, LA-XXIV (Muzaffarabad -I) 15 candidates, LA-XXV (Muzaffarabad -II) 10 candidates, LA-XXVI
(Muzaffarabad -III) 14 candidates, LA-XXVII (Muzaffarabad -IV) 06 candidates, LA-XXVIII (Muzaffarabad – V) 13 candidates, LA-XXIX (Muzaffarabad -VI) 09 candidates, LA-XXX (Jammu & Others-I) 13 candidates, LA-XXXI (Jammu & Others-II) 17 candidates, LA-XXXII (Jammu & Others-III) 06 candidates, LA-XXXIII (Jammu & Others-IV)
06 candidates, LA-XXXIV (Jammu & Others-V) 08 candidates, LA-XXXV (Jammu & Others-VI) 13 candidates, LA-XXXVI (Kashmir Valley-I) 09 candidates, LA-XXXVII (Kashmir Valley-II) 06 candidates, LA-XXXVIII
(Kashmir Valley-III) 04 candidates, LA-XXXIX (Kashmir Valley-IV) 05 candidates, LA-XI (Kashmir Valley-V) 08 candidates and LA-XII (Kashmir Valley-VI) 04 candidates.
Rest of eight reserved seats of the 49-seat AJK Legislative
Assembly, including five meant for women folk and one each for technocrats, ulema mashaikh and overseas Kashmiris will be held by the electoral college comprising 41 members to be elected on direct-adult franchise basis in July 21 (Thursday – today) AJK general