PESHAWAR, Feb 03 (APP):Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan has directed the officials of Sui Northern Gas and Peshawar Elecric Supply Company (PESCO) to immediately resolve the growing complaints of the people mostly related to the over-billings and disconnect of Sui gas and electricity supply in different places of the province.

He was talking to different delegations throughout the province at his office in Chief Minister House here Sunday. They apprised the Chief Minister of their problems related to the over-billings of gas and electricity and the discontinuation of gas and electricity supply in their respective areas.

The Chief Minister, while assuring the delegations to resolve their problems on priority basis, directed the Sui gas and PESCO to immediately shift their attention towards the resolution of public complaints. He said that overbillings of both Sui gas and electricity were the direct outcome of the negligence and lethargic attitudes of both the entities creating law and order situation in the province.

He warned the officials of both the entities to refrain from overb-illings. He advised the concerned officials that they should not create problems for the layman and the government. The negligence of both the entities creates problems for the people leading to law and order situation in the province, he told.

the Chief Minister said that both the entities were public sector entities and should address to the public complaints. Both are accountable before the public and the government therefore they should mend their attitude and take actions against the black sheep in both the institutions, .
The Chief Minister assured that resolving the people’s grievances would continue to be his government’s priority and no one would be allowed to create obstacles in the public service. “We would ensure giving
relief to the people therefore the public institutions should adopt a transparent way to serve the people adding that the state government and public entities come into being for the public welfare therefore the PTI government wanted them to deliver within their areas of jurisdiction for the public service,” he added.

Mahmood Khan said that the provincial government had delivered on multiple fronts on governance related issues, child and bonded labour, journalist’s protection and their welfare and the interfaith
harmony in the province.

In a message to different departments, concerning the good governance and the institutional reforms to address to the ten priority actions in response to the reported areas by the European Union monitoring mission, he note it is appreciable that the European Union monitoring mission expressed satisfaction over the provincial government delivery on multiple fronts. The provincial government has given a complete report which was found satisfactory and appreciable.

The Chief Minister reminded that this province has a unique culture having humanistic taboos for improved human right situation, better interfaith harmony and discouraging child and bonded labour in the province. He said the provincial government would not fall short of its commitment to take remedial measures to the ten priority actions for safeguarding human rights. He directed the information department to prepare a strategy for enhancing awareness about the rights of others. The people should
know their rights and the rights of others necessary for a vibrant and progressive society, he added.

Mahmood Khan assured his government would ensure justice and merit based policy making in order to facilitate the real change, his government stands for and which is the vision of PTI leader, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Good governance will continue to be the priority area in all sectors because the people would be the end beneficiaries of good governance, he added.