10 pc super tax on affluent to alleviate poverty: PM

ISLAMABAD, Jun 25 (APP):Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Friday said the government announced the 10 percent super tax on the affluent people for the purpose of poverty alleviation.

He explained the rationale behind the announcement of 10% super tax on the affluent people in a series of tweets on social media platform Twitter.

He said, “When the coalition government got into power, it had 2 paths open to it; whether to go for elections & leave the economy broken or address the economic challenges first. We opted to save Pakistan from economic quagmire even if it involved political risks. We put Pakistan first.”

“This is the first budget that contains the plan for revival of the economy. The hard decisions we have taken will enable the country to overcome the economic crisis. The government has tried its best to place minimum burden on lower income & salaried class,” he informed.

In another tweet he said, “the government has taken this decision for the purpose of poverty alleviation. We have asked our affluent segment of society to fulfil the national duty by sharing the burden, for it is the poor who have always borne the brunt & rendered sacrifices for the country.”

“Let me make two things absolutely clear here. First, it is a direct tax on the income of people & industries falling in certain categories of income. Secondly, the proceeds from this measure will be spent in the most productive of ways for people facing financial constraints,” he added.

The PM said, “macroeconomic stability is the first step. What the coalition government is aiming to achieve is economic self-sufficiency. This precisely is the spirit of the budget. Our national security is very closely tied to economic reliance.”