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Zero Tolerance: Pakistan Hajj Mission implements robust staff evaluation system

By Muhammad Aslam

MAKKAH AL-MUKARRAMA (Saudi Arabia) May 24, (APP):: Director of Accommodation and Transport (A&T) at the Pakistan Hajj Mission (PHM), Asghar Ali Yusufzai on Friday said the mission has implemented a robust evaluation system to assess the performance of the dedicated supporting staff and service providers, tasked to address Pakistani Hujjajs’ needs.

Determined to extend all possible facilities to the guests of Allah Almighty in the holy land of Saudi Arabia, Yusufzai emphasized that there was zero tolerance for any negligence in performing duties, whether by Pakistan-based Mouavneen or local Mouavneen, contractors to provide accommodation, food or transport. “I strongly believe in a reward and punishment system,” he said while talking to the media.

He said there will be around 550 Pakistan-based Hajj supporting staff, selected under the National Testing Service (NTS) system, when the intending pilgrims reach their capacity in Makkah, hopefully by May 30. Yusufzai was of the view that selection through the NTS greatly helped in the availability of ‘quality’ supervisory officers and the helping staff, leading to the conduct of the entire Hajj operation in a seamless manner.

He said the need-based local Mouavneen were appointed following all codal formalities, including receipt of application by a certain deadline, scrutiny, interview, and preferably fluency in the Arabic language for better communication with local officials in Saudi Arabia. Answering a question, the Director A&T said, “We keep a strict eye on all supporting staff, especially the local ones, so that no one with any ulterior motive [business] could access Hujjaj.”

The PHM, he said, has so far hired 141 residential buildings for Pakistani Hajj pilgrims in three localities, including Al-Azizia, Batha Quraih, and Al-Naseem, with a 2-6 kilometer distance, which has been divided into nine sectors.
Similarly, he said, the Hajj Mission has hired nine catering companies, out of which five have so far started their services to provide three-time quality meals to Hujjaj in a week, keeping in view the number of arrived pilgrims.

To provide a foolproof transport cover, Yusufzai said 275 latest buses have been arranged for the movement of Pakistan’s intending pilgrims from the airport to their hotel-accommodation, five-time prayer in Haram Sharif, and travel during Hajj days for Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalfa.

“There is a complete accountability system in place to check the accommodation, food, and transport services. Heavy fines are imposed in case of any breach of agreement or poor service,” he informed.

Replying to a question about accommodation-related complaints of the intending pilgrims, he suggested that banks operating in Pakistan should form Hajj groups, accommodating relatives with each other in a single unit.
Yusufzai’s comprehensive plan underscores the Pakistan Hajj Mission’s commitment to ensuring a seamless and comfortable pilgrimage for Pakistani Hajjis.

By implementing strict evaluation measures, maintaining high standards of service and fostering transparent accountability, the mission aims to uphold the sanctity and significance of the Hajj experience.
With continued vigilance and dedication, the PHM is poised to provide exemplary support and care for pilgrims, embodying the spirit of hospitality and reverence that defines the Hajj.


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