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Voting concludes in presidential elections of Uzbekistan, turnout exceeds over 70 percent

TASHKENT, Jul 09 (APP): The voting ended in the presidential elections in Uzbekistan at 8 pm and about 70 per cent of registered voters had cast about 13.46 million votes, by 5 pm, according to the Central Election Commission (CEC).

Polling stations opened at 8:00 am local time and closed at 8 pm, A total of 10,784 polling stations started their work, including 56 stations in 39 countries outside Uzbekistan, and continued election duties till closing time. Citizens had the opportunity to vote until 8:00 pm local time.

The turnout threshold for recognizing elections as valid in Uzbekistan is 33 per cent. The results are expected to be announced tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The final turnout will be shared later by CEC.

The total number of registered voters eligible to cast votes in the presidential elections was nearly 19.5 million people, as per data available from the CEC.

Four candidates were taking part in the election and contesting for President of Uzbekistan which include Ulugbek Inoyatov from the People’s Democratic Party, Shavkat Mirziyoyev from UzLiDeP Party, Robakhon Mahmudova from “Adolat” Social Democratic Party and Abdushukur Hmazayev from the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan.

The incumbent President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Presidential Candidate from the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople – the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited polling station No. 59 in Tashkent on July 9 and voted in the election.

During the polling time, a citizen Kakhramon Kuldashev at the polling station while talking to APP told “I am voting for the incumbent President Shavkat Mirziyoyev because he had improved economy and governance in Uzbekistan.

Now his manifesto is to promote tourism and enhance educational opportunities for the people of Uzbekistan. I am sure that he would make our country economically and diplomatically stronger at the global level”.


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