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US slams attack on Sibi election rally, saying Pakistanis have right to choose their leader ‘without fear’

WASHINGTON, Feb 01 (APP): The United States has condemned an attack targeting an election rally in Sibi, Balochistan, asserting that Pakistani people have the right to choose their leader “without fear of reprisal or violence.”

“We strongly condemn any violence which undermines the electoral process,” State Department Spokesperson Mathew Miller told reporters at his daily press briefing on Wednesday.

“We … extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by the attack on the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf) party rally in Pakistan,” Miller said while responding to a question,

The attack was one of several such incidents in recent weeks, with electioneering going on in full swing as Pakistan heads to national polls on February 8.

“This attack is one of many we have seen in the last month against multiple parties across Pakistan. The election commission [of Pakistan] itself has come under attack in several places,” he noted.

“We believe in the resilience of the Pakistani people and their ability to recover,” Miller said, adding that the US remains committed to working with Pakistan in addressing the shared threat posed by terrorist groups throughout the region.

“And we support the Pakistani Government’s efforts to combat terrorism.”


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