WASHINGTON, Sept 15 (APP): American Muslim Alliance, a US-based organization, will launch a massive task force to highlight Indian atrocities in the Indian-held Kashmir and muster support for call of freedom by the oppressed Kashmiri people.

The Alliance has held protests in Chicago to draw attention to the ongoing wave of violence in the occupied valley unleashed by the Indian security forces to suppress widespread protests that have engulfed the entire valley.

More than 70 people, including women and children, have lost their lives during protests after failed attempts by Indian forces to prevent them that began in July when a Kashmiri freedom fighter, Burhan Wani, was killed by security forces.

“The ugly face of so called Democracy in India has been exposed, over one hundred thousand Kashmiris have been killed by Indian Occupying forces,” AMA National Director Muhammad Salim Akhtar said in a statement.

He said thousands of innocent Kashmiris were at the risk of using their eyesight as a result of use of pallet guns by Indian troops. Dozens of youth, boys and girls, have been victim of rape in the held valley.

Akhtar said the Alliance has decided to launch the Task Force to highlight the gross human rights violations as the United Nations and the world community has failed to give Kashmiris their right to self-determination in line with the UN Security Council resolution.

The top human rights official at the United Nations has criticized efforts by several countries, including India, to stop efforts by his agency to monitor abuses.

Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the high commissioner for human rights, in an appeal launched on Tuesday, expressed shock at attempts to “block or evade human rights scrutiny” by the United Nations.

The High Commissioner urged India to accept his request of allowing an international team to observe situation on both sides of the Line of Control in the disputed Kashmir region.

Pakistan has already agreed to his request. According to media reports, India has rejected the request by the UN High Commissioner.

“I believe an independent, impartial and international mission is now needed crucially and that it should be given free and complete access to establish an objective assessment of the claims made by the two sides,” Hussein was quoted as saying by a news report.

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