ANKARA (TURKEY), Jan 4 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Friday assured the Turkish investors that they would now find a 

completely different government in Pakistan that believed in wealth creation by ensuring
ease of doing business.
Addressing the members of Turkish Business Council here, the prime minister said
in 1960s, Pakistan was considered as the fastest growing economy and used to be shown
as a real model of development. South Korea and Malaysia did learn from Pakistan and
both the countries moved ahead, he added.

He said Pakistan deviated because a socialist mindset had pervaded the country that
became a deterrent to wealth creation as profit-making was considered a sin. That mindset
sent the country back and nationalization took place which forced the big businessmen and
industrialists to go abroad.
The socialist mindset existed in bureaucracy, who had envy against those making
wealth, he added.
The prime minister, who is on a two-day visit to Turkey along with a high level delegation, told
the audience that as policy, the government believed that that wealth creation could take the country
out of economic crisis, make it repay debts and steer the people out of poverty.
He cited the China model which brought out 700 million people out of poverty within 30 years
just because they had allowed wealth creation.
“To take people out of poverty, we have to allow people to make money. The more money is
made, the more wealth is created, the more we have the ability to raise taxes… We can use that
money on bottom tier of our society,” the prime minister said.
He said the government was making every effort to remove impediments in way of investment
and businesses. An exclusive office had also been set up at the PM Secretariat to take measures
for ensuring ease of doing in business in the country.
The prime minister reiterated his government’s resolve to eradicate corruption which had made
it difficult for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to flourish and genuine entrepreneurs to prosper.
He also assured the Turkish investors to address their issues in Pakistan, mainly due to the
unpredictable policies.
He said by enhancing the investment, the government was yearning to increase exports that
had been suffering, owing to flawed policies.