Think Tank Pakistan (London) has called for unity among Pakistani nation, supporting national institutions
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LONDON, Sep 26 (APP): Think Tank Pakistan (London) has called for unity among Pakistani nation, supporting national institutions and implementation of Police order 2002, beside strengthening the hands of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his polices, in order to ensure cheap, speedy and equitable justice to the masses, for the prosperity of the country.

This was asserted by Chairman Think Tank Pakistan (London) Farasat Latif while addressing a press conference here at a local hotel on Friday evening.

He was flanked by the senior members of the organization,Syed Ali Naqvi, Arif Iqbal, Imtiaz Shah, Aamar Umer Malik, Azmat Zia Butt and Muhammad Zaka Ullah Khan.

Farasat Latif informed the UK Based Pakistani media about the aims and objectives of his organization.

He added that his organization was not a political, religious and ethnic entity, its only focusing on helping Government of Pakistan in its efforts for initiating pro-people laws for speedy and affordable justice to the people specially the poor in the country.

The Chairman Think Tank Pakistan London Farasat Latif said that the aim of this think tank, was also to pin point flaws and recommend changes in “our Thana culture and poor conditions prevailing in our jails waiting to be heard by the courts, were particularly the subject who were suffering because of non-availability of quick justice in the country”.

Farasat Latif further said that “delay in hearing of cases ,the adjournment ,the stay orders create discrimination and delay in the justice”.

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He observed that pending cases at every level of judiciary, lower,(civil and criminal),High courts and Supremes court were in thousand and he on behalf of his organization recommended that to clear the back log, speedy courts be constituted, extra judges be appointed and speedy trial courts be created in Pakistan.

He further said that after dealing with judiciary and police topics, his forum would divulge into other issues like education, health and population control etc.

Highlighting the police strength, he said that according to the formula of 1934 police rules, one police officer was required for 450 citizens, while in developed country this ratio was 1:250 .

In Pakistan ,he said that the ratio was around 1:500 but a bigger part was deployed in the Urban areas while in rural areas police population ratio was sometimes 1:1200.

He called for equipping police force properly by providing them all necessary facilities, in order to ensure proper law and order and security of the citizens of Pakistan.

Farasat Latif was of the view that twenty six (26) police reforms commissions were formed since independence of Pakistan but regretted and claimed that none of them were properly implemented.

Replying to a question, he called for across the board accountability of all those elements whole looted and plundered the national kitty and involved in money laundering from Pakistan to other countries.

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“Strict action should be taken against them”, he remarked.

He on the occasion also praised Pakistan Army role and services to nation both peace and war times and condemned those elements who were out to defame the national institution.

“We support and stand by our armed forces and salute to the contribution for the country”, he remarked.

He also appreciated Prime Minister Imran Khan and his polices initiated in the country and said that his elected government should be allowed to complete its five years constitutional term in the best interest of the country.

He informed the media that he and his members of organization had also shared with the authorities concerned their recommendations and suggestions with regard to police and judicial system reforms in Pakistan for the betterment of the people in the country.

He also called for strengthening the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and its prosecution process for ending corruption from the country.
He also appealed the Prime Minister for taking notice of the missing persons in the country.

The Chairman Think Tank Pakistan (London) also called upon both treasury and opposition parties to get united and work jointly for socio-economic prosperity of Pakistan and wellbeing of its people.