BEIJING, April 11 (APP):A sick Pakistani peacekeeping soldier was rescued with the assistance of China’s second peacekeeping helicopter contingent last week in Darfur, Sudan.

This has been the third emergency medical rescue mission of this contingent since its deployment, according to a report of China Military Online here.

According to details, the Operations Room of the helicopter contingent received a call from the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), on the morning of April 5, asking for a helicopter to transport a Pakistani peacekeeper who was suspected to have a heart attack from Kebkabiya to Al Fashir.

The contingent took action without delay and fulfilled the transportation safely to Al Fashir three hours later, where the patient was transferred by a UN airplane to Khartoum for further treatment.

“We’re grateful for the kind assistance from the Chinese helicopter contingent. The outstanding performance of the rescue crew bought us time to relieve the pain and save the patient’s life.”

After the mission, accompanying Pakistani doctors shook hands with the Chinese crew members one by one to express their gratitude.

Since its deployment in Darfur, Sudan, China’s second peacekeeping helicopter detachment has carried out several emergency rescue missions and received high acclaims from the UNAMID, the peers from other countries, and the Sudanese government and people.