Second Pakistani mango consignment arrives in Kunming, China

Second Pakistani mango consignment arrives in Kunming, China
Second Pakistani mango consignment arrives in Kunming, China

BEIJING, Aug 31 (APP): The second consignment of mangoes imported from Lahore via chartered cargo aircraft has arrived in Kunming, southwest China’s Yunnan province.

“The second consignment of 150 boxes of about 800 kilograms weight has directly been dispatched to the clients after the custom clearance,” Adnan Hafeez, a Pakistani businessman who imported “king of fruits” under brand name “The Farm’s Choice” By Imperial Ventures (Pvt) Ltd., said on Monday.

The first shipment of 330 boxes, imported by the same company, was transported from Lahore to Kunming via YTO Chartered Airline a couple of week ago, he told APP.
Adnan Hafeez had originally planned to import mangoes to China before Eid-ul-Azha and booked his first consignment for Kunming on July 29. But, first consignment landed in Kunming on August 10.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan is the sixth largest mango producer in the world and its mango is considered to be one of the best in the world.

Pakistani mango has more than 400 varieties while most popular commercial varieties are different in colours and sizes and each with a distinct flavor and taste. Chaunsa and Sindhri’ are popular varieties and stand up amongst mangoes with golden yellow color.

Pakistani mangoes available in markets in abundant from May to September, are mainly used as fresh but it is also used in preparing different derivative such as jams, squash, milkshake and ice cream.

In September last year, the Embassy of Pakistan organized a “Mango Festival” to further introduce and popularize Pakistani mangoes in China.

The participants of the festival were served with different varieties of fresh mangoes as well as wide-range of mango delicacies such as mango milk-shake, mango lassi and mango cake. They thoroughly enjoyed the variety of dishes and hailed the unique and sweet taste of Pakistani mangoes.

It is stated that late Chairman Mao Zedong had introduced Pakistani mangoes in China in 1968 when he shared a gift of mangoes with party and Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) cadres.