Pak-SCO connectivity to promote all-round development

BEIJING, Feb 24 (APP): In the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s (SCO’s) 20th anniversary celebrations, the SCO Secretariat announced a competition among the students for writing the best scholarly article on the theme “20 Years of the SCO: Inspiring Growth and Broad Prospects”.

The objectives of the competition are to support promising young people, encourage their creative activity, facilitate professional development of future political experts, economists, scientists and expand their knowledge, including about the activities of the SCO, said a statement issued here on Wednesday.

Students studying in 3rd or 4th year in the departments/faculties of International Relations, International Economics and International Law of the universities of the SCO member states are eligible for the contest.

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The article must not have been published earlier can be written in Chinese, Russian or English languages.

The universities’ management can select the articles and forward it both in electronic and printed versions to Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the respective country addressed to the SCO National Coordinator of the respective member state.

The national coordinators of the member states will submit these articles to the SCO Secretariat. The deadline for submission of articles to the SCO Secretariat by the national coordinators is till September 5, 2021 at e-mail: with the title/subject “Competition”.

Articles will be reviewed by the members of the SCO Secretariat Council who will select one winner from each SCO member state. The announcement of the winners will be posted on the SCO Secretariat’s website on September 10, 202.

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The winners will be rewarded with a commemorative gift from the SCO Secretary General and the publication of the best article on the official website of the SCO Secretariat.