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BEIJING, Jan 6 (APP): Chairman of China Bee Products Association (CBPA) Yang Rong has said that the propolis industry in Pakistan, which is considered as blank and unexploited, has huge potential to occupy the global market and alleviate domestic problems.

“It could be a starting point of Pak-China apiculture or beekeeping cooperation”.

In an interview, Yang said that Pakistan can import Chinese techniques and modes, meanwhile export bee products to the Chinese market which severely demanded bee products including honey, bee milk, bee wax, and especially propolis, China Economic Net reported on Wednesday.

He said that Pakistan has a good basis and huge potential to develop propolis and added that Pakistani beekeepers raise mainly Italian bees, which are the best species for propolis production. In addition, the warm climate ensures a stable yield of bee products.

“Thanks to the climate and nectariferous plant species, Pakistani honey with intense aroma, dark color, rich nutritions, and thick texture, decides the high-quality of propolis,” Yang explained.

The Propolis industry also has huge potential to elevate the domestic economy.

Propolis, a secondary-product of apiculture, creates much higher value than honey.

Wu Chongming, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC), said that the price of propolis in China has risen year by year since 2000, rising from 500 yuan (12,000 Rs) to about 1,200 yuan (30,000 Rs) per kilogram.

“Propolis can enrich the industry chain of apiculture, consequently increase beekeepers income and alleviate unemployment,” Yang added, “and there’s an incredible market in China.”

In traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy, propolis is reckoned as fragrant gold with its rich flavones and polyphenols, being widely used in medicine, health food, cosmetics and other fields.

Lv Zetian, Honorary Vice President of CBPA, introduced that in China, the research and application of propolis has been promoted from individual behavior to national behavior, which greatly promotes the development of the propolis industry.

In 2020, the output of purified propolis in China is less than 200 tons, and the production and marketing of various propolis products are about 600 tons, with a total sales volume of about 3 billion yuan (745 billion Rs). Even so, the output volume still cannot meet the demand of Chinese market.

Yang said, “Pakistan keeps huge potential to product propolis meanwhile implement the Billion Tree Honey Initiative launched by PM Imran Khan.

Pak-China cooperation on propolis will create a win-win situation and deepen bilateral trade connectivity.”

China is the project leader of formulating the International Propolis Standard which was drafted last Sunday.