PM underlines UN’s role in addressing long-standing issues like IoK

UN urges a more equal, inclusive world, marking International Day of Democracy
UN urges a more equal, inclusive world, marking International Day of Democracy

ASTANA, (Kazakhstan) June 9 (APP): Prime Minister

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Friday said there were legitimate
expectations for the United Nations to play its due role in
addressing the myriad challenges of today, including the long-
outstanding issue of Jammu and Kashmir.
He appreciated efforts of the UN Secretary General and
expressed his support to his call for cooperation among states
and other stakeholders for advancing the agenda of peace and
cooperation by resolving disputes through dialogue and
negotiations, agreeing that this was essential for success in
conflict prevention and resolution.
The Prime Minister was talking to Secretary General of
the United Nations Antonio Guterres, who called on him here on
the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit.
Congratulating Pakistan on a successful SCO membership,
the UN Secretary General said Pakistan was an important member
of the international community and was playing an active role
in the United Nations.
During the meeting, the two also exchanged views on
other important issues of significance at the bilateral,
regional and international levels.
The Prime Minister said that pursuing membership of the
SCO was an important milestone and achievement of foreign
policy of Pakistan. It advanced government’s policy of
peaceful neighbourhood and enhancing connectivity in the
He further said that Pakistan believed in building
cooperative and stronger relationships with other members of
the international comity. Both agreed that peace in the region
and the world at large was in everyone’s interest.
Guterres appreciated Pakistan’s role in hosting Afghan
refugees for the past 37 years.