PM Kakar underscores preservation of UN Charter of equality for global peace

UNITED NATIONS, Sept 22 (APP):  Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq on Friday stressed that the UN Charter principles of equality and sovereignty must be preserved in the interest of global peace and prosperity.
“Pakistan does not believe in elitism within the comity of nations,” he said, adding that Pakistan believed that adding additional permanent members to the Security Council would further erode its credibility and legitimacy.
Addressing the 78th UNGA session, the caretaker prime minister further said the widest possible agreement could be best achieved on the basis of the Uniting for Consensus Group’s proposal for expansion of the Council only in the non-permanent category with provision for a limited number of longer-term seats.
“Pakistan believes that to build, preserve and promote peace and prosperity today, and in the future, it is vital to reduce great power rivalry and tensions; ensure strict adherence to the UN Charter; consistently implement Security Council resolutions; eliminate the root causes of conflicts; and respect the principles of non use of force; self determination; sovereignty and territorial integrity; non interference in the internal affairs of States and peaceful co- existence,” he added.

By Irfan Khan

Journalist with a baggage of 25 years of experience in national, political, judicial, constitutional and international affairs. Extensively covered events, developing news and happenings with pieces of articles and analysis.

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