PM Imran attaches great importance to people’s livelihood: Cheng Xizhong

BEIJING, Feb 25 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Sri Lanka a very fruitful and successful visit dedicated to regional peace, stability, development and cooperation, Cheng Xizhong, visiting professor at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, said on Thursday.

Prof Cheng Xizhong, in a statement, said he believed that if all the countries in South Asia jointly made efforts for regional peace, the whole region of South Asia would get rid of poverty and backwardness and gradually embark on the road of social and economic development.

During the two-day official visit, the two sides stressed the need for stronger partnership for supporting and coordinating with each other in dealing with matters related to security, terrorism, organized crime and drug and narcotic trafficking as well as intelligence-sharing.

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Cheng Xizhong noticed in particular that during his visit, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the commissioning of “Imran Khan High Performance Sports Centre” in Colombo and establishment of Asian Civilization and Culture Centre at University of Peradeniya, while Pakistan would provide Rs 52 million for the promotion of sports in Sri Lanka.

“To intensify people-to-people and cultural exchanges is conducive to enhancing mutual understanding among the people of South Asian countries, and consolidating the foundation of friendly and cooperative relations among South Asian countries,” he added.

Pakistan, he said, was a peace-loving nation and had been committed to developing friendly and cooperative relations with South Asian countries. It had always been in amity and harmony with Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal and other South Asian countries.

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He said despite Pakistan’s own economic difficulties, Prime Minister Imran Khan offered $ 50 million new credit line to Sri Lanka for cooperation in the field of defence and security.

“The international community believes that Pakistan is an important force in maintaining peace and stability in South Asia.”

At this moment, Cheng Xizhong opined that if the regional power had broad mind, foresight and some sense of friendliness, abandon regional hegemonism, populism and extreme nationalism, and could be equal to its neighbouring countries, there would surely be hope for peace and development in South Asia, an important region in the world.