Participation in G20 meeting tantamount to justify Indian illegal actions in IIOJK: GA Gulzar

Farooq Rehmani expresses gratitude to countries not participating in G-20 summit

ISLAMABAD, May 18 (APP): All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Senior Vice Chairman Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar has said that participation in the G20 meeting in the United Nations-designated disputed territory is tantamount to supporting Indian crimes and justifying Indian deceitful occupation and illegal actions in the territory.

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar in a statement issued in Srinagar said Kashmiri hope that G20 member states, who believe in the supremacy of human rights, will not rub the salt on the already bleeding wounds of the oppressed Kashmiris.

He said it is expected that civilized G20 member states will not become partners of crime and they will prefer human dignity over economic and materialistic benefits.

He urged the Kashmiris to follow the protest calendar of APHC in letter and spirit, observe crippling strikes in Kashmir and hold rallies and other programmes in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and all over the world to register their protest.

Strongly condemning the Indian stepped-up state terrorism, especially fake encounters, killings, widespread arrests and cordon and search operations, he said Kashmir has been turned into a fortress and its people are suffering humiliation and the worst atrocities at the hands of trigger-happy Indian troops.

He urged G20 nations to realize India’s ulterior motives behind holding the bloc’s meeting in Srinagar. The G20 nations should not forget that India is committing serious crimes against humanity and they will be seen as siding with the oppressor if they accept Modi’s invitation to hold an event in IIOK, he added.

Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar said India wants to give legitimacy to its illegal occupation, especially brutal actions on 5 August 2019 in its territory and hide its crimes by holding a G20 meeting in Srinagar.

He said it also wants to mislead the world community about the ground realities and give false impressions of peace in the territory. He raised the question that how can UN member states, who are signatories of the UN human rights charter, ignore the fundamental rights of Kashmiris and serve the purpose of imperialist countries like India which have no regard for UN resolutions and international commitments.

Denouncing the devastation, panic and havoc caused by Indian savages ahead of the G20 event in Srinagar Ghulam Ahmed Gulzar said a freedom-loving nation cannot be intimidated by such brutal and cowardly acts.

The dreaded investigation agencies, he said, have declared war against Kashmiris and they have made the lives of Kashmiris miserable and appealed to the UN and other international human rights organizations to take stock of the situation and come forward to save Kashmiris from Hindutva terrorism.

He also paid glowing tributes to the recently martyred Kashmiris and other martyrs and said that their sacrifices would bring positive results.

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