Pakistan’s exports to China shot up by 64% during Jan-March: Commercial Consular

Pakistan's exports to China shot up by 64% during Jan-March: Commercial Consular

BEIJING, May 2 (APP): China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement Phase-II (CPFTA-II) effective since January 1, last year is now showing results. Pakistan’s exports to China shot up by 64% during January-March 202, Commercial Consular, Pakistan Embassy, Beijing, Badar Uz Zaman said.

He made these remarks while participating in a recently held a brainstorming session online with representatives of Pakistani trading community to discuss how to secure a due share in the over $2 trillion import market of China.

The conference had particular significance in the backdrop of the updated China-Pakistan FTA.

They stressed the need to robust efforts to take full benefits of the concessions granted by the Iron Brother to Pakistani traders under the CPFTA-II.

However, the government officials told the traders that value-addition, certification and branding were all a must for penetrating the Chinese market, according to a report published by CEN.

The Chinese authorities also offer generous help by training Pakistani traders and workforce to meet the required standards, they said. They also told the traders to appoint local agents for effective marketing and ensure active presence in trade exhibitions held in China. Pakistani traders asked the officials to organise sector-specific webinars with their Chinese fellows for them.

On the occasion, RCCI President Nasir Mirza said that the CPFTA-II had opened up the door for Pakistani traders to the Chinese market. He said that the RCCI members were interested in exports of gems and precious minerals to China.

Bilal Ahmad Butt, Consul General of Pakistan in Hong Kong SAR, China told the traders that Honk Kong was a big consumer market with no local production.

He said that traders in Hong Kong were particularly interested in importing gems and minerals from Pakistan. Hong Kong is also a big market for Pakistani fruits and vegetables, he said. They have also offered free training on value addition of gems, minerals and food items to Pakistani investors and workers, he said.

Director of the Pak-HK Trade Forum Javed Iqbal said that Pakistani traders should invest in cold chain for food items, and value addition, packaging and certification for their goods to enter Hong Kong’s market.

He said that Hong Kong-based investors were keen to invest in Pakistan in these sectors.
M Irfan, Trade and Investment Officer in Pakistan Consulate General in Guangzhou, said that Chinese language proficiency for effective marketing and branding were must for Pakistani traders to sell their products in China.

He said that Pakistan had only recently established its mission in Guangzhou, but it was actively engaging with the local traders to connect them with Pakistani traders.


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