Pakistan’s copper export to China crosses $1 billion mark in 2023

Pakistan's copper export to China crosses $1 billion mark in 2023

BEIJING, Jan.4 (APP): Copper and articles thereof have seen an increase in export to China from Pakistan in recent years and in the first eleven months of 2023 increased by 9%, crossed one billion dollars mark, sources said.

Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, told China Economic Net (CEN) that the Pakistani government is keen to boost copper and associated product exports to China.

He also mentioned that Pakistan’s exports of copper to China have increased recently, and he anticipated that the value of these exports will rise as a result of refined copper products. “Pakistan has been actively seeking foreign investments, particularly from big Chinese companies, to bring in value addition and produce more valuable products for the global market.”

Having Chinese companies invest in Pakistan would not only provide a boost to the country’s economy but also open doors for advanced technologies and expertise.
“This would enable Pakistan to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and produce high-quality, value-added products that can meet international standards”, he added.

He continued by saying that Metallurgical Corporation of China (MCC), one of the major participants in the Chinese copper sector, is active in Pakistan and was crucial to the establishment of the Saindak copper mines starting in 1995.

Pakistani copper exporter Awis Mir, Chairman of DEA group told CEN that this is due to increased investment by Chinese companies with local Pakistani companies and increased demand for copper products in China after COVID-19, added that this trend is likely to continue as both countries are expected to benefit from increased economic cooperation.

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