UNITED NATIONS, Jan 16 (APP):Pakistani peacekeepers serving with the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, (MONUSCO), have built a new water supply system for the people of Kamako, a village in the African country’s Kasai province, according to a message received in New York.

The water system, a project created by MONUSCO’s Pakistani contingent, was inaugurated at a ceremony held in the presence of UN officials and local dignitaries on Monday, the message said.

The project consists of a water catchment center and an electric pump system that takes water up a hill to tanks with a capacity of 7,000 cubic meters. The water can now be collected at faucets set up on the plateau of the slope thus avoiding local citizens having to go down and up a steep 700-meter slope.

Many villagers had previously had to travel to the waterhole several times a day to bathe, do laundry and to retrieve water for household needs. The trek was dangerous in the best of times and ever more so during the rainy season.

During the ceremony, a community chief from Kamako thanked the Pakistani peacekeepers, saying this project will relieve the population of hardship, especially of women and girls, who had to collect water for their family needs.

MONUSCO provided about US $ 16,500 to meet the cost of the water project.

The Head of the MONUSCO office in Kananga, Essoh Essis, said that the mission was pleased to carry out this quick-impact project for benefit the people of Kamako and that it was undertaken in response to a request of the local authorities.