UNITED NATIONS, Oct 24 (APP): Pakistani Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram, has greeted the UN community on the commemoration of world body’s 75th anniversary, pledging continued Pakistan’s efforts to strengthen the organization.

“We will continue to strengthen the United Nations to enable it to serve the cause of global peace and prosperity,” he said in his message for UN Day being celebrated on Saturday, while noting that its Charter’s principles are the foundation of world order.

“Guided by the vision of our Founder, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Pakistan has always attached the highest importance to its membership of the United Nations,” Ambassador Akram said.

“Since its admission to the United Nations, immediately after its independence, Pakistan has participated actively to promote respect for the fundamental principles of the UN Charter; contributed to decolonization through the exercise of the right of self-determination for peoples around the world; helped in the resolution of conflicts and disputes; contributed to UN peacekeeping as one of the largest troop contributing countries, and actively advanced international economic and social cooperation through the UN family of organizations.

“Pakistan has served 5 times on the Security Council. It has been elected five times on the Human Rights Council since its establishment in 2005 and It has presided over the Economic and Social Council six times.

Pakistan was proud to be elected this year as President of the Economic and Social Council on the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations.”