UNITED NATIONS, Nov 25 (APP): Pakistan has warned of fading prospects for a two-state solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while the Security Council, which is responsible for maintaining international peace, continues to “procrastinate and dither for political reasons.”
“A just, sustainable and equitable resolution of the Middle East conflict is only possible through an independent and viable State of Palestine, based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital,” Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi, permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN, told the General Assembly.
“The Security Council has an obligation to play a role,” she said while speaking in a debate on the question of Palestine.
“It must act on this most potent threat to international peace and security,” the Pakistani envoy added.
Ambassador Lodhi expressed her support for the Palestinian demand for international protection, and insisted that pressure be mounted on Israel to immediately lift the blockade on Gaza; irrevocably end all illegal settlement construction; release all Palestinian detainees; and end the demolition of Palestinian houses and the expulsion of Palestinians from their properties.
She said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had contributed significantly to the anger and frustration among the people of the Arab and Muslim world, and thus, resolution was essential for peace and stability throughout the Middle East.It was also essential to addressing the drivers of extremism and terrorism.
The Palestinian people deserved the full solidarity and support of the international community, the Pakistani envoy said, adding that “sadly, no end seems to be in sight to their suffering”.
Durable peace could only be achieved through political solutions, not by heavy-handed tactics and the use of brute force against unarmed civilians, ambassador Lodhi said.
“Lasting and sustainable peace in the Middle East would need bold decisions,” she said. “Withdrawal of occupation forces from all Arab lands, including from Lebanon and the Syrian Golan Heights is not only vital for the future of the next generation of Palestinians, but for international peace and security itself.”
“This will need visionary diplomacy, especially by those who wield power and influence with the principal parties. Such diplomacy is essential if we are to defy the dire predictions of disaster in the Middle East that abound today.”