Pakistan, Turkey to further strengthen economic, trade, commercial ties: PM

ANKARA, Jan 4 (APP):Pakistan and Turkey on Friday expressed their resolve to further strengthen the existing economic, trade and commercial relations between the two countries, as well as enhance efforts for peace in the region.
  Prime Minister Imran Khan, while addressing a joint press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan here after one-to-one and delegations level meetings, said that there was unanimity of views between the two sides on various issues of bilateral and regional interest.
	Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was on a two-day official visit to Turkey said Pakistan and Turkey enjoyed very special relations bonded with fraternal ties rooted in history, culture and religion.
	He said the relationships between the two brotherly countries passed from generation to generation and the affiliation, the love, the connection between Pakistan and Turkey had always been there and Pakistan wanted  to take those ties to a much higher level.
	The prime minister said Pakistan wanted to strengthen its relationships with Turkey in all fields.
Pakistan wanted to take benefit from Turkish expertise in construction field as the government had embarked on an ambitious project of constructing five million housing units in next five year. Turkey had constructed two million houses in the last six years, the prime minister added.
	This is the first time that such an ambition plan had been undertaken in Pakistan, he said.
	The prime minister said Pakistan also wanted to take benefit from the Turkish health system, legal aid to under privilege people and education reforms.
	The government had pledged to develop the new Pakistan on the model of State of Madina, he said.
        About the Afghan issue, the prime minister said people of Afghanistan were suffering for more than three decades and it was time that the international community, and anyone who could help in bringing peace to the war torn country, should come forward.
	He said Pakistan had already been helping dialogue between the United States and Taliban, but it needed much stronger efforts from all the stakeholders and its neighbours.
	The prime minister said he was looking forward to the trilateral summit meeting of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey in Istanbul. He expressed the hope that the trio would be able to help in the peace process. 
      The prime minister while speaking about peace in South Asia said Pakistan was trying to have a dialogue and friendly relationships with India, but the later refused from holding talks. 
      He said that Kashmir was the basic issue between the two countries, adding that there was now an indigenous movement in Indian held Kashmir, where the people were sick of of the three decades of Indian forces atrocities against them. 
       The more force India uses the more it alienate the people of Kashmir, the prime minister said adding, unfortunately this was blamed on Pakistan by India.  He said the human rights abuses were going on in Kashmir.
        The prime minister said the leadership of the two countries discussed that Pakistan wanted stability but it would come when Pakistan and India sat together to start dialogue and resolved the differences.
          He said both sides also discussed the issue of Syria and prayed for peace in the war torn country, so that the sufferings of the could end. 
         The prime minister wished Turkey all the best in its endeavors to find a peaceful solution to Syrian issue.        Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the Turkish leadership that Pakistan stood with them to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). 
       He said that ISIS had already emerged in various parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s border areas and former tribal areas were threatened by ISIS. 
         But fortunately, Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies had done a remarkable job by defeating terrorism, he said adding terrorism had been vastly reduced in Pakistan.
        The prime minister hoped with the help of Pakistan's neighbours … Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey “we can eliminate terrorism.”
        Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while speaking at the joint press conference said during the talks both sides stressed to further enhance bilateral relationships between them. 
	There were inter-delegation meetings where economic, political and issues of terrorism were discussed, he said,  
	The Turkish President expressed his pleasure over Supreme Court of Pakistan declaring Pak-Turk Education Foundation a terrorist organization and the schools belonging to that terrorists organization would be transferred to Maarif Foundation.
	The Turkish president lauded the leadership role of  Prime Minister Imran Khan in the world of cricket where he carried his country flight  from victory to victory. 
      He said the roots of Pakistan and Turkey relationships go back to a very long and this brotherhood was very supportive for problems of both the countries. 
        He assured Turkey would continue to be with Pakistan in future, adding, there was very strong support in Turkey for Pakistan. 
      He said the three schools in Pakistan and its transfer to a foundation was a great example of strong relationships between the two countries. He thanked the people and government of Pakistan for that gesture. 
       Erdogan said both sides discussed all dimensions of their relationships. He expressed  the hope that meeting of  Turkish Pakistan High Council Strategic Partnership would be held in Islamabad and foreign offices of both the countries would work on it.
	About the trilateral Istanbul summit of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey, he hoped it would be held after March 31 elections in Turkey.
	This trilateral summit would help solve many other problems facing those countries, he added.
	He said bilateral, commercial ties between the two countries and cooperation and solidarity would be pursued and further extended in future.
	The Turkish President said both the countries also discussed joint steps in the field of defence industry. 
         Both sides discussed the trainer aircraft that Turkey had  acquired from Pakistan. The Turkish sale of Milgem vessels  to Pakistan was also discussed.
     He said both sides also discussed their efforts regarding the attack helicopter and wanted to explore further collaboration.