Pakistan calls for Group of 77’s ‘concerted’ response to multiple challenges facing developing countries

UNITED NATIONS, Jan 18 (APP): Pakistan Tuesday called for “coherent and concerted” response to the “daunting” challenges the Group of 77 (developing countries) are facing to ensure that “none of us is left behind”.

“Our responsibility today to address the multiple challenges facing our countries is daunting,” Ambassador Munir Akram, who is the chairman of the the key group for 2022, told its first ambassadorial meeting.

“As my Foreign Minister (Shah Mahmood Qureshi) stated (at the opening G77 meeting), we are confronted with a triple challenge: recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic; achievement of the SDGs (sustainable developments goals) – during the remaining decade of action; and the existential threat of climate change,” the Pakistan envoy said. In this regard, Ambassador Akram identified and elaborated on some of the actions Pakistan had proposed: — As inequity is hampering recovery of the developing countries from Covid-19 pandemic, G77 develop a declaration on vaccine equity, to bring the group’s narrative at the center of discussion on this issue; — As the rising and unsustainable debt burden is a major concern among many developing countries, G77 ensure that its voice is heard at the G20 (industrialized countries), G7 (rich countries), IMF (International Monetary Fund) and other decision-making platforms; — Also ensure that the new general allocation of $650 billion special Drawing Rights (SDRs) by the IMF are utilized for the recovery, and press for their reallocation to the developing countries who need the liquidity; — Priority for unification and universalization of measures on social protection during 2022, for which Pakistan is leading discussion on the declaration to establish a global knowledge platform; — Underscore the role of UN Development System and private sector to substantially upscale and accelerate investments to bridge the global infrastructure gap; — A follow-up of the Glasgow Climate Pact to ensure reflection of G77 priorities in the actions proposed in the pact; — Convening a series of consultations to enable the Group to formulate a common position on the issues of interest in the Secretary-General’s “Our Common Agenda” report for the developing countries; — Consideration of the creation of the ‘South-South Trade Promotion Bureau (SSTPB)’ to boost flow of goods between them; and, — Convening of 3rd South Summit will be an important step to provide overall guidance to the Group and in this regard discussions going on with Uganda about the possibility of announcing the date soon; Three things are essential: availability of adequate finance; significant investments in sustainable infrastructure; and the full utilization of science, technology and innovation, Ambassador Akram said in conclusion.