Pak-China TCM training project kicks off in Qingdao, China

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china pak

BEIJING, Dec 10 (APP): China-Pakistan Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Technical Training Course 2020 has kicked off in the Digital Classroom of China’s Qingdao Binhai University.

TCM Training project is one of the 49 national projects approved by the Ministry of Education and the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges. It is also the first overseas TCM Technical Training course conducted by Qingdao Binhai University, China Economic Net (CEN) reported on Thursday.

At the opening ceremony of the training program,Vice President of Qingdao Binhai University, Liu Lianxin pointed out that as one of China’s national quintessence, TCM has rooted in China’s traditional culture for thousands of years, it is a profound and sophisticated science. The school invited experts in the field to make sure that the content of this training course is rich and diverse.

He further expressed that Pakistani students are welcomed to study in Qingdao Binhai University for the degree of TCM. “Pakistan has been a consistent friend to China. Earlier this year, when China was fighting against the pandemic, Pakistan, as China’s “iron Brother, overcame its own difficulties, mobilized all sectors and actively sent PPE’s to China, which the Chinese people will never forget”, he added.

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, Vice President of Qingdao Binhai University South Asia Campus on this occasion said that this is a great opportunity for Pakistani students to learn basic and advance techniques and theory of TCM.

He said that today will be a historical day and he is feeling immense pleasure to be the host, organizer and Trainer for this course from Pakistan side.

He emphasized the importance on the establishment of Health Corridor and regional health care centers connected by mobile hospitals and telemedicine in countries along Belt and Road. “In post COVID-19 era, a single country cannot overcome the challenges of healthcare. Only when the countries are united and join hands will the people be able to build a community of shared future for mankind,” he added.

Vice President of Pakistan College of Physicians and Surgeons & Ex-Principal of SIMS, Prof. Ayaz Mahmoud expressed his gratitude to Qingdao Binhai University for the careful organization of this training event, emphasized that both China and Pakistan have ancient civilizations and profound histories, as well as splendid and rich cultural traditions.

This training event offered a great opportunity for Pakistani teachers and students, especially young students, to learn about Chinese and Pakistani culture and TCM.
The 14-day training course on TCM techniques will be hold online. It aims to explain the basic theories and advanced practical knowledge of TCM to Pakistani teachers and students, with a theory plus practical training method.

The content involves meridian and acupuncture General monographs, as well as various massage techniques, Tuna, moxibustion techniques, and compression techniques.

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