Pak-China educational institutions discuss cooperation of business courses

Pak-China educational institutions discuss cooperation of business courses

BEIJING, April 30 (APP):Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College based in Zhuzhou, Hunan province of China and Sindh Provincial Vocational Education Commission discussed cooperation for Chinese language and business courses.

More than 20 leaders from relevant institutions in China and Pakistan, experts, and members of the Chinese language and business course teaching team participated in the recently held Belt and Road Chinese + Vocational Skills Talent Training Forum, and special academic seminar.

All the participants attended the forum and seminar in an online format in wake of the current Covid-19 epidemic
Vice President of Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College, Prof Long Ping, Director of the Project Office, Prof Tian Weijun, Director of the International Exchange and External Liaison Office, Associate Prof Xiao Hong, Director of Basic Courses, Prof Mo Jianxue, Dean of Business School, Prof Tan Wenpei, Vice Dean, Prof Xiong Meizhen and Chairman of the Vocational Education Committee of Sindh Province, Masroor Ahmed, CEO of Educast Distance Education, Dr. Abdullah Butt, teaching consultant, Muhammad Farooq, CEO of ALM Consulting, Muhammed Ahmed attended the meeting. 

The discussion was presided over by the Deputy Director of the Office of International Exchange and External Liaison, Associate Prof He Jing, and translated by Liu Zixuan.

At the beginning of the meeting, Prof Longping delivered an enthusiastic speech, introducing the school’s history and current situation, professional setting and characteristics, and subsequent cooperation expectations in curriculum construction to the participants.

Longping said that the college will actively serve the Belt and Road Initiative, work with Pakistan to promote the construction of the “Chinese + Business” curriculum, and wish the project a complete success.
Prof Tian Weijun reviewed the four-year cooperation process with Pakistan and introduced a series of fruitful work achievements of his school in recruiting international students, training employees of Belt and Road enterprises, and innovating international exchanges under the global epidemic.

While expressing gratitude to Pakistan’s friends, he said, the college looks forward to the areas of cooperation with Pakistan in the future.

Dr. Masroor Ahmed introduced Pakistan’s vocational education system and the official recognition method of the Hunan Chemical Vocational Technology College curriculum export project in Pakistan, and highly praised the Belt and Road Initiative for providing a good opportunity for Pakistan’s educational and economic development.

He hoped that Pakistani students would be internationalized through this project.
Abdullah Butt then introduced the basic situation of Educast distance education institutions, teaching infrastructure and technology platforms.

As a representative of Pakistani enterprises, Muhammed Ahmed put forward the training needs of Pakistani enterprises for “Chinese + vocational skills” and introduced the situation of Chinese enterprises in Pakistan.
The college attaches great importance to the construction of the “Chinese + Business” curriculum and has established a Chinese teaching team led by Prof Mo Jianxue and a business teaching team led by Prof Tan Wenpei.

At the meeting, Associate Prof Yin Mei and Zhou Na of the Chinese teaching team introduced the content and curriculum resources of the two courses, and Wang Yujia, the business course team, introduced the content and training objectives of the commerce course.

It is reported that team members have been committed to online course construction in recent years, with rich teaching resources and remarkable results in teaching reform, which will become an important foundation for the smooth implementation of the curriculum.

Finally, the two sides discussed many topics such as cooperative school running, curriculum resource construction, and curriculum standard output.

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