BEIJING, Jan 22 (APP):The defense cooperation between Pakistan and China is not against any third country as China mainly helps Pakistan improve its self-defense capability, contributing to peace and stability in South Asia.

“I would like to emphasize in particular that China exports some weapons to Pakistan not against any third country. China mainly helps Pakistan improve its self-defense capability, contributing to peace and stability in South Asia,” Cheng Xizhong, a former Defense Attaché and former UN Senior Military Observer said on Tuesday.
“I understand that Pakistan is pursuing a defensive defense strategy,” he remarked in his article publishedby China Economic Net (CEN).

He said it has been reported that Pakistan has decided to buy 360 T-90 tanks from Russia. For a long time, India’s weapons and equipment mainly come from Russia. It would be interesting if Russia also sell
weapons to Pakistan.

Cheng said at present, the situation in the whole region was heading in the direction of peace. First, India and Pakistan, two major powers in South Asia, were focusing on economic development and were committed
to economic development and changing the face of poverty and backwardness. Secondly, India and Pakistan have joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). China and Russia were both members of the SCO.

“I believe that the cooperation among relevant countries will help improve the relations between India and Pakistan,” he added.
He opined for India and Pakistan, the most important mission now was to develop the economy, get rid of poverty and enhance the strength of their respective countries.
India and Pakistan have a combined population of more than 1.5 billion. If more than 1.5 billion people are well-off, this is a great contribution to mankind.

When asked about any impact of the suspension of U.S. military aid to Pakistan on Pakistan’s military, he said in past 20 years, the United States has not provided any substantial assistance to Pakistan.

The small amount of money that the United States has given Pakistan is the compensation paid for the use of Pakistani facilities during the war against terrorism.

Compared with the enormous losses suffered by Pakistan, the US has given little. Therefore, if the United States changes its policy towards Pakistan and stops paying compensation, it will have little impact
on Pakistan`s military.

Wishing that Pakistan would be a strong nation in the region, he said that upgrading of Pakistan’s strength and position was conducive to the balance of power in South Asia and that maintaining balance was conducive to regional peace and stability.
He said relationship between China and Pakistan was excellent, and the relationship between the two militaries was also excellent. However, China and Pakistan have no deal against any third party.

If there is a common enemy, terrorism is the one for the two militaries in the current situation. Therefore, the two militaries can further strengthen their cooperation in maintaining regional security, he concluded.