TEHRAN, Jan 24 (APP): The Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology
Foundation’s (MSTF), prize initiative to encourage scientists for their endevours in different fields, is succesfully helping promote and
share the knowledge among Islamic states.
An attractive US $500,000 prize money in four different fields of
Science and Technology, for Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)
memeber states biannually, would help assist individuals and reaserach organizations to work more vigorously for the development of modern era knowledge.
The Science and Technology Exchange Programme among Muslim Countries, (STEP) recently concluded in the Malaysian city of Putrajaya, had attracted some 200 Muslim scientists and researchers from across the world.
The platform was used by the scientists to share with their expertise
in the relevant fields. It was also helping bring Muslim world more closer to achieve their collective goals in different fields of education and research.
Jackie Ying, a Singaporean Bio-Nanotechnologist, was the first to
receive the award in 2015 for her outstanding contributions on stimuli-responsive system for controlled drug delivery to the synthesis
of well-designed nanostructured materials and systems.
She developed nano-particles capable of auto-regulating the release
of insulin based on the blood glucose levels. The new piece of technology obviates the need to monitor blood glucose by finger pricks, and allows insulin to be delivered orally or through naval passage, instead of relying on injection.