Muslims, Latino break Ramzan fast together to show solidarity

WASHINGTON, June 7 (APP): Muslim and Latino communities in one of the most populous county in the US State of California this weekend got together for an “Iftari” in a sign of solidarity between the two communities.
The breaking of fast was organized by county activists, Rida Hamida and Ben Vaquez with an aim to promote among the Muslim and Latino communities, which have faced some tough times during the new Trump administration.
While Muslims have seen sign of anti-Islam sentiments in parts of the country, Latino community is the most hard-hit community of President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants. The vast majority of undocumented immigrants are from Latino community.
“The Supreme Court is currently hearing a petition by the administration to allow it enforce an executive order by President Trump that bars entry of citizens of six Muslim majority countries from entering the United States.
Many Appeal Courts in recent months have freezed the enforcement of the order being largely seen as “discriminatory against Muslims.”
The event organized Saturday night in the parking lot of the new Islamic Center of Santa Ana where dozens of local Muslims joined their Latino neighbors for Iftar. The event was dubbed Taco Trucks at Every Mosque. Taco is like a “Shorma” which is very popular in Pakistan.
“This is perfect timing. The purpose of this month is to give charity, to grow our character and our inner lives and to nourish our soul through service. What better way to do that than by learning from one another?” coordinator Hamida said on the occasion.
Organizers plan to arrange such events during the Ramzan whose goal is to host taco trucks that will serve halal tacos at every mosque. The inaugural event attracted some 400 people.
Hamida and Vazquez, a Santa Ana history teacher, came up with the idea for the first joint Ramzan event to highlight faith while hoping to help stem the rise of anti-Muslim hate crimes and attacks.
“You cannot answer hate with hate. What I figured out is this religion not only unites Muslims but anyone who has mercy and is able to forgive people,” said a resident Michael Abdu, a clothing salesman. “