Ministry of education to express solidarity with people of IIOJK

Ministry of education to express solidarity with people of IIOJK

ISLAMABAD, Feb 4 (APP): Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training through its attached departments has organised a range of activities on the second day of the ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ to show their support for the people of Kashmir and to raise awareness about the ongoing human rights situation in the region.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Government of Pakistan has announced three days protest on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day.

In a statement, the Federal Minister for Education said: “We stand in solidarity with the people of Kashmir and call for the international community to take action to protect their human rights. The ongoing violence and oppression in the region is unacceptable and must be addressed. We call on all people of conscience to support the cause of Kashmir and to demand an end to the suffering of its people.”

Meanwhile, Secretary IBCC, Dr Ghulam Ali Mallah visited Sports Complex Islamabad to witness the ongoing sports activities of Sports Gala 2022-23 organized by Inter Board Sports Committee and distributed the prizes and medals among the winners.

The closing ceremony of the sports gala will be held on February 5 at hockey ground, Sports Complex Islamabad at 11:00 am along with the interactive session with the youth of Pakistan to celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Islamabad Model School (I-V) and various Islamabad Model College for Girls and Boys organized Kashmir Cultural Festival Shows, National Commission of Human Development organized an awareness campaign at NCHD federal schools in Sindh.

NFCIET Multan also organized a sketch Competition. In addition to this, many other festivals were also organized across Pakistan, including Kashmir cultural festivals shows, plays, debate and speech competitions, solidarity walks, awareness sessions and other activists. Participants held signs and banners calling for peace, justice, and an end to the violence and oppression in Kashmir.

The event was attended by a large and diverse crowd, including individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds, who came together to show their support for the people of Kashmir. The day was marked by a spirit of unity and a commitment to stand in solidarity with those who are facing injustice and oppression.

Following the same pattern, many more public and private institutions are all set to commemorate the day and join protests on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training would like to thank all those who participated in the events and helped to raise awareness about the situation in Kashmir.

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