NEW YORK, July 12 (APP): Kashmiri-Americans will stage a demonstration in front of Indian Mission to the United Nations in New York on Sunday to protest against the killing of their compatriots in Indian-held Kashmir Β and to press for their U.N.-guaranteed right of self-determination.

“The killing of 32 innocent unarmed civilians in Kashmir by Indian armed forces since July 8, 2016 is inexcusable and unpardonable,” a statement issued by Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, a Kashmiri activist, said, while announcing plans for the demonstration.

He appealed to all peace-loving people to join the rally in front of Β the Indian Mission, which is near the U.N. Headquarters.

The violence in Indian-held Kashmir is the worst seen in the disputed region for years. Some 800 extra troops are being sent to help restore order.

During the clashes with protesters, government forces have fired live rounds and tear gas, according to media reports.

“The unprovoked firing by Indian security forces during peaceful protest wherein more than half a million people were in attendance has left 1,200 protesters injured,” Fai said in his statement.

“These are new killing fields of Kashmir – the Valley that was known as paradise on earth.

However, the political leadership of Kashmiri resistance has appealed the people to maintain discipline, communal harmony and not to damage police stations and ambulances.

“India’s victimization of civilians in Kashmir is systematic, deliberate, and officially sanctioned.

The Indian army is immune from prosecution for killings and murder under protection from the draconian “Armed Forces Special Powers Act” (AFSPA)”.

“Why should the world powers, including the United States remain silent when the Indian army is involved in crimes against humanity? Don’t they know that their silence unwittingly has given a sense of total impunity to the Indian army? Isn’t the demand of the people of Kashmir legitimate and recognized by the United Nations? Why should the world powers remain silent in this hour of need?”