Indian real face exposed as a sponsor of terrorism, terror financing in Pakistan :UK Councilor
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LONDON, Nov 17 (APP): The United Kingdom (UK) Councilor and former Mayor of Rugby Dr.James Shera (MBE) Tuesday said that Indian real face had been exposed as a sponsor of terrorism and terrorfinancing in Pakistan to destabilise it.

“India has been using the sovereign soil of Afghanistan for perpetrating terrorism against the sovereign state of Pakistan, taking a huge toll on human lives”, Dr.James Shera said in a statement issued here.

According to the statement, the councilor also appreciated the efforts undertaken by Government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army to uproot the terrorism and its by-products from the country.

“In the global efforts towards fighting out terrorism, Pakistan has suffered the most in terms of loss of lives of its citizens and economically”, Dr.James remarked.

He said, “The recent surge in terrorism activities as stated by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, in his expounding press conference along with DG ISPR involved perilous threats.We strongly condemn all deceptive, irresponsible, unethical efforts towards destabilising, supporting terrorism or funding terrorism in Pakistan”.

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Dr.James said that India had used the bogey of terrorism to misguide the world by pretending to be the victim of terrorism and alleged Pakistan as a sponsor of terrorism to vilify it.

India,he said was doing it to distract world attention from its crimes against humanity it was committing in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIJOK).

Dr.James further said that arrest of Kulbhushan Yadhav and his confessions, US Secretary for Defence, Chuck Hagel’s statement which surfaced in 2003 that India financed trouble in Pakistan from Afghanistan, Indian political leadership’s public statements of using terrorists against Pakistan (Ajit Doval, Manohar Parrikar and others including PM Modi are on record) and now the specific information made public by Pakistan warrant international intervention to investigate and call India to account.

Dr. James added, “Indian reported designs to associate Pakistan with ISIS have far reaching ramifications and extremely dangerous for the regional peace.

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efforts to create Daesh-e-Pakistan should be addressed immediately employing all necessary forces”.

Indian reported state involvement in perpetrating terrorism and terror financing in other countries posed a serious threat to the regional peace and security and beyond,he remarked.

Dr.James said “We are particularly concerned due to threat to Pakistan.”

He added that the challenges at Pakistan’s borders and inside the country due to Indian subversive activities required unification among all in Pakistan at all forums, leaving political differences behind and bringing the country together, irrespective of race, religion or language.

Dr.James’ statement was also endorsed by the UK Pakistani Christian leaders including: Dr Peter David, Dr Noshaba Khiljee, Councillor Morris Johns, Advocate Qamar Shams, Michael Massey, John Bosco, Samson Javed, Bishop Yousaf Nadeem Bhinder, Saleem Khokhar ex-MPA, Qamar Rafique, and Tahier Solomon.