India fails to suppress freedom movement in IIOJ&K despite state terrorism, humans rights abuses

PESHAWAR, Feb 05 (APP): Breaking all records of war crimes and human rights abuses, the Indian-occupied forces have unleashed terrorism, gender violence and collective punishment as a weapon of war against the oppressed Kashmiris in a bid to suppress their legitimate freedom movement in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJ&K).

After illegally revoking the special status of the IIOJ&K on August 5, 2019, the fascist Modi government has broken all records of humans rights violations, terrorism, war crimes and deprived Kashmiris of all kinds of liberties including freedom of speech, media, internet, jobs, land and properties in the held Kashmir that was virtually turned into a military jail by nearly 900,000 occupied forces with no regards for humans rights, UN charter and international laws.

Muhammad Hussain Khateeb, Member All Parties Hurriyat Conference (Gillani Group) told APP that the September 2021’s Pakistani dossier has badly exposed India’s involvement in the war crimes, human rights abuses, genocide and torture of innocent Kashmiris in the held valley.

Since 1989, he said over 96,000 cases of extrajudicial killings, 162,000 cases of arbitrary arrests and torture, 25,000 pellet gun injuries, 11,250 women raped, 23,000 women widowed and over 108,000 children orphaned by the Indian army.

He said about 8,652 unmarked graves have been identified in 89 villages of six districts in the occupied valley and the bodies of 37 Kashmiris burnt alive by Indian forces were beyond recognition.

The oppressed Kashmiris had been subjected to inhuman torture by Indian occupation forces, which include stripping naked, beatings with iron rods, heavy roller treatment, electrocution, hanging from ceiling, burning of the body with iron rods, solitary confinement, sleep deprivation, torture including rape, molestation and sodomy.

Mushtaq Shah, Vice Chairman, Jummu and Kashmir Peoples League told APP that Indian occupying forces were using snipers and cluster ammunition besides children and women as human shields during encounters and that innocent Kashmiris to sleep at military camps forcing them to dig out minefields and tied youth on military jeeps, which has testified Modi government’s involvement in war crimes and genocide of the Kashmiris.

The fascist Modi government’s illegal and unconstitutional acts of August 5, 2019, have exposed his deep-rooted conspiracy to rob Kashmiris of their history, language, and ethno-cultural identity.

“The butcher of Indian Gujrat’ under a nefarious plan has tried to take away from Kashmiris their identity, history, language and culture,” Mushtaq said.

He said all the ethno-religious communities living in occupied Kashmir including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and others have now realized how India was snatching away from Kashmiris their lands and reducing them to second-class citizens.

The new land lease rules introduced in IIOJ&K allowing non-Kashmiris to purchase agricultural land for commercial and other non-agricultural purposes was another manifestation of India’s colonial-settler mindset.

The Indian Army has been given sweeping powers to take possession of agricultural land and residential areas in any part of IIOJK, after declaring them as “strategic”. Reportedly over 430,000 Kanals of land are already under illegal possession of the Indian military and paramilitary forces, he added.

Mushtaq said Indian forces even didn’t allow the mass ritual and funeral of great Kashmiri leader, Syed Ali Gillani and has forcefully snatched his body from the bereaved family and buried him at night, which was highly condemnable.

Similarly, great Hurriyat leader, Muhammad Yasin Malik was jailed for life in a fake case to silence his strong voice for Kashmiris freedom while great freedom fighter Burhan Wani was killed in a fake encounter by the Indian occupation forces.

‘The Indian Govt had provided about six million illegal domicile certificates of IIOJK to Hindus in a bid to bring about demographic change there.”

He said the gruesome violation of human rights including the forced disappearance of over 8,000 innocent Kashmiris, 8,652 unmarked mass graves and imposition of the longest curfew on some 10 million unarmed Kashmiris have exposed the involvement of Indian forces in war crimes and state terrorism. He said India was reluctant to carry out a forensic investigation of the unmarked mass graves in IIOJ&K and did not allow independent observers for its spot verification.

He said the burning of mosques, houses and shops belonging to Muslims at BJP-led Tripura state by Hindutva groups of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal last year had exposed Modi’s tyranny against minorities.

He said mosques in Krishnagar, Dharmangar, Panisagar, Chandrapure were vandalized by the saffron-wearing youth last year in the planned attacks on the Muslim population.

Manzoorul Haq, former Ambassador told APP that India landed its troops in Srinagar on October 26, 1947, with sinister designs to annex the Muslim-majority Kashmir with New Delhi in sheer violation of the subcontinent’s partition formula, UN Charter and Geneva Convention.

On April 21, 1948, he said the UN Security Council had adopted an important resolution on Kashmir. The basic formula for settlement of the issue was incorporated in the resolutions of the UN Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) adopted on August 13, 1948, and January 5, 1949.

Ambassador Manzoor said these were not routine resolutions as their provisions were negotiated in detail by the UN Commission with India and Pakistan after getting the consent of both governments, constituting a binding and solemn international agreement about the settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

The illegal occupation of Kashmir valley by India contravened multiple articles of the 30 fundamental human rights of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) drafted by representatives from all the regions of the world including India on December 10, 1948, and was subsequently adopted by the United Nations General Assembly.

“This declaration was applied to all the signatory members of the UN including India and restrained them from abuse, exploitation, maltreatment and all kinds of violence besides violation of any fundamental rights protected in UDHR,” he said.

He said India went against several passed UN Security Council’s resolutions by revoking the IIOJK’s special status.

The nefarious designs of the Indian fascist Government to transform Kashmiris into a disempowered minority in their own land has been exposed with the fresh delimitation of electoral constituencies, issuance of millions of domicile certificates to non-Kashmiris, and addition of hundreds of thousands of non-Kashmiris in the voters’ lists.

He urged the international community including the world powers to press the Modi govt to immediately go back to the pre-August 5, 2019 status of IIOJK and give the right of self-determination to the oppressed Kashmiris like that of East Taimour.

He said the international community should look beyond trade and business interests and step forward with collective action to stop the genocide of oppressed Kashmiris.

He deplored the UNSC members’ apathy towards the redressal of the Kashmir dispute, which was a flashpoint between two nuclear-armed neighboring countries.

Ambassador Manzoor said the road to peace in South Asia was passing through Kashmir and another war on this lingering issue would prove disastrous for the entire region and its negative repercussions would go beyond borders.


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